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Thursday 02/22/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Knitting Knitting techniques Skill-building basics Special techniques

Beth Brown-Reinsel

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Traditional Beginnings: Cast-ons from Long Ago with Beth Brown-Reinsel
Learn eight of the most beautiful, and practical, cast-ons in our knitting history. From the UK, we will cover the Channel Island Cast-on, the Knotted Cast-on, and the Multi-Strand Cast-on. Included are two basic go-to cast-ons, the LongTail and Old Norwegian, that are the basis for two decorative cast-ons from the Twined Knitting tradition in Sweden. Last, the wonderful Braided Cast-on from Finland will be taught in 3 colors! In addition, we'll practice a couple bind-offs to complete your swatches.

__Three colors of #4 (worsted-weight yarn, about 2 oz. each
__4.5 or 5mm/US7 or 8 needles (can be straight, dpns, or circular)