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Friday 02/23/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Friday 02/23/2018, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Knitting Color, Creativity Design Project-based Tips & hints

Sivia Harding

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Moebius and the Mysterious Stitch Mirror with Sivia Harding
The knitted Moebius is a beautiful, graceful, and endlessly fascinating form, made popular in the knitting world since Cat Bordhi presented her brilliant (and easy) Moebius cast-on technique to the world. The experience of Moebius knitting is easy, accessible, and soothing, just like knitting in the round. It really becomes interesting when various stitch patterns are worked into this form. 

In this structure, patterns amazingly appear to be mirrored and reversed on either side of the cast-on round. What stitches will reliably produce symmetry? There are some guidelines, but there are also ways to bend the rules and make many stitch patterns work once you understand the structure. Not all result in symmetry, but all are interesting!

I guarantee many "aha" moments as we see simple stitch patterns develop into amazing and sometimes unpredictable results! Many Moebius cowls and sweaters will be shown as inspiration. The Harmonia’s Rings Cowl will be cast on during class.

Note: Experience with knitting in the round is required.

_At least 500 yards of soft worsted weight yarn
_US 8/5 mm circular needle, 47" long
_Stitch markers in 2 colors
_Beads, Size 3/0 seed beads or pony or crow beads, 25 (optional)
_Crochet hook (small steel, 0.75 mm/14 US)
_Post it notes, magnetic chartkeeper, or other method to keep your place on a chart
_Pencil with good eraser
_Knitting Basics: Sharp scissors, Notebook, Pen or pencil with eraser, Stitch markers, Tapestry needles (large and small), Tape measure, Small calculator, Needles and crochet hooks of various sizes