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Thursday 03/22/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Friday 03/23/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Rug Making Design

Melinda Byrd

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Off-loom Rya Rug Making Revival with Melinda Byrd
In the days of the Vikings, if you had a sturdy loom, you would weave a rya rug. Now you can revive this forgotten art by learning the technique of off-loom rya rug making. Choose or adapt traditional motifs or create your own design, and then begin knotting your own rya. We will meet for two 3-hour sessions giving time between sessions to process design ideas and prepare for hands-on rya work.

• The fascinating history of rya in the Nordic countries
• About the supplies used today: rya yarns, backing, needles, graph paper
• The knotting technique (which can be mastered in minutes)
• Variations to the knotting process you can try
• The magic of color blending
• Designing techniques (both graphing and drawing on the backing)
• How to calculate yarn requirements for each color in a math-lover's way as well as techniques for the mathematically-challenged.
You will not complete your rya during class. However, you will be a master of the technique.
This class is especially suited to anyone who likes to play with color blending, has interest in Nordic fiberarts, or wants to work with a larger needle. Bring a favorite photo or magazine clipping for color and design inspiration. Learn how to turn your passion for other fiberart forms into creative rya designs. This is a class of variety, fun, and discovery.
Materials fee: $30 Designer's package: Backing and yarn, needles, and special graph paper.

_Tote bag
_About a dozen sandwich-size plastic bags _Any images, paintings, or photos that might be adaptable to rya design

_Sharpie marker
_Ruler or straight-edge
_Color pencils, small watercolor paint kit

You will receive a designer package that contains a 16" wide by 14" long hemmed wool and linen backing from Norway, 3 #13 tapestry needles, 250 grams of rya yarn which will cover the backing with a 1" pile (tuft length), and special graph paper (a $90 value). Yarn will be selected and weighed by you according to your color needs. You will receive sample cards of rya yarns, and written instructions for your next rya project.

Homework is not required, but would be helpful. Students can search at home for images that are suitable for rya knotting. Google images for "Rya Rugs". Search Pinterest for images. Watch instructor's 10 minute video for a more clear understanding of the process: Copy and paste in your browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trl3V5Q2kG4
Materials Fee: $30 to defray cost of full designer's package as outlined in class description. ($90 value)