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Friday 03/23/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Friday 03/23/2018, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Crochet *Knitting *Sewing-hand Fit

Pamela Leggett

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Custom Dress Form Workshop with Pamela Leggett
A dress form is a useful tool for garment design and fitting. The problem is getting one to fit all your curves. Custom forms are expensive and can't be easily altered, and duct tape forms collapse over time.

In this class, we will use an adjustable form that you will "build and pad" to look just like you! Other than the dress form, the supplies are simple - a bra and undies, batting and fiberfill, and some bandaging from the drug store. The best thing about this form is that with the skills you learn in this class, you will be able to change the dress form as your body changes! We'll finish the form with a custom cover. You will now be ready for your fitting and design challenges.

NOTE: Sewing machines are provided for use in class. 

__Your dress form (see Homework for details)
__A padded or soft cup bra that fits you now. It can be an old one or an inexpensive one, but it should be a size that fits you. This might be a good time to go for a professional bra fitting just to make sure!
__A pair of “granny panties" in your size (in other words, a typical pair of undies that come to your waist!)
Note that the bra and undies will stay on the dress form.
__Scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, pins, tape measure

What to wear to class:
__Wear a well-fitting bra (not the one that will stay on the form), underwear that doesn’t bind, and a tank top or cami under your clothing. You will want to be able to see all your curves.
__Bring a top or dress that fits fairly well. We’ll try it on the finished dress form to check the fit.

Choose the Correct Size Dress Form: You only need to take one measurement – your high bust. When you take it, have the measuring tape snug to your body, without outerwear on. Place the tape measure just under your shoulder blades in the back, high up under the arms, and above the bust. Use this measurement as the “bust measurement” and choose the form size from this one measurement.

I have had good luck with the Dritz “My Double” Dress Form (it is adjustable, fairly sturdy, and available through local stores and Amazon). The dress form high-bust measurement can be a bit smaller than yours, but not larger. The Dritz “bust” measurement is almost the same as a high-bust measurement. Don’t worry about the waist and hip measurements, we will pad to fit. If you already own a dress form that is a good match for your high bust, it will work. 

If you are traveling to STITCHES by plane or train, you may ship the form to Pamela's Patterns Studio. Email Pamela at 
pamela@pamelaspatterns.com to arrange shipping details. 

Dritz “My Double” sizes: Petite Item 20075 BUST 28-34”;
Small 20405 BUST 33–41”; Medium  20406 BUST 40"- 47": Full Figure 20300 BUST 45-53” 

Note: a $45 Kit Fee that will be collected during class includes batting, fiberfill, tape and cover.