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Friday 11/02/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Knitting techniques Tips & hints

Lorilee Beltman

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Revolutionize Your Knitting with Magic Loop with Lorilee Beltman
If you and double-pointed needles just don't get along, it's time to try the Magic Loop technique. It allows you to knit at any circumference using only long circular needles. We'll learn a little knitting history as we go round and round - getting our stitches just right. No ladders from loose stitches. No tight stitches at the edges.

Learn tips for working the technique comfortably and quickly with beautiful results. Once you understand how to manipulate the needles we will make sure you know where to use it. Obvious? Socks and mittens. Not so obvious? Circular shawls. Afghan squares that are worked from the middle out but are flat pieces of knitting. Sweater sleeves. Glove fingers. Toys.

Learn how to work magic loop on a hat - which starts with an opening that closes at the bind off - and a top-down mitten or center-out flat square or shawl which start closed and grow outward. Lastly we'll be sure we understand that this new-found magic loop knowledge shortens those long lists of needles required for some patterns, especially sweaters and circular shawls. Do you have a pattern that calls for a long circular, a short circular, and DPNs? Forget that. Magic loop is the answer.

_About 50 grams total of worsted weight wool or wool blend yarn in a light to medium color. Solid, variegated, or self-striping yarns will all be fun in this class. Bring a mixture if you like.
_Bring only circular needles 32 inches or 40 inches long. (24 inches is too short.) Bring a needle kit or three needles in a range appropriate for worsted weight. Gauge is not important for class learning. What is IMPORTANT is that you choose circular needles with a cord that is somewhat rigid, with a smooth join, and with a hard straight needle shaft (wiithout an "elbow" bend".
_Blunt tapestry needle
_Stitch markers

On a 32-inch circular needle size US 6 to 8 (gauge is not important) and with worsted weight yarn, cast on 80 stitches by any method. Work in 3-4 rows of stockinette stitch flat, having completed a row in knit stitch. (Your work on the needle is flat–for now!)  leave on the needle. This needle counts as one of three listed in class materials.