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Sunday 08/05/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

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Drop It Like It's Hot: Introduction To Spinning with a Drop Spindle with Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Since the very first humans noticed that fluffy animals looked warmer than they did, we’ve been collecting that fluff to turn it into warm coverings for ourselves. Being the crafty creatures we are, after playing with rocks and sticks, we created the perfect tool for turning fluff into yarn and invented the drop spindle...TA DAAA!!! A lot has changed since the days of sticks and rocks but one thing that has remained the same is how much we LOVE yarn. Right? Right! Now, imagine being able to make your own custom yarn for your crochet, knitting, and weaving projects. Yes, in this class we're gonna grab some fluff, and a drop spindle (a slightly more advanced stick), and make yarn! This class is a hands-on experience for beginners who want to know how to make their own yarn with a simple drop spindle. We'll start with talking about the basics of how to transform fluff into yarn, then we'll dive right in and play with the fuzzy stuff. WOOHOO! Come prepared to learn and have fun! As a beginner it is completely expected that you will drop your spindle, knot your yarn, laugh, and possibly even use a few words those first humans didn't know. But, by the end of class you will have made your very first sample of custom-made yarn. Welcome to the club...

None. Materials fee: $20 includes spindle and yarn