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Thursday 08/02/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Quilting-machine Design Tips & hints

Catherine Redford

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Steps to Successful Free-motion Quilting with Catherine Redford
Discover the magic of free-motion quilting. After drawing our patterns on paper, we'll put the feed dogs down and begin stitching on quilt sandwiches in a relaxed, no-criticism-allowed setting. Try lots of different designs to find your personal favorites. This class is designed to give the beginning or hesitant machine quilter a confidence boost, ready to return home and practice.

Note: Machines provided for use in the class.

_Ten 12" squares solid fabric
_Two 12" square pieced blocks (anything!)
_50-wt cotton thread to contrast with your fabric
_Six 12" squares low-loft cotton batting
_At least 50 safety pins size 1
_Drawing paper
_Ultra Fine tip Sharpie or similar

Skills needed
Sewing machines with free-motion foot (plus any add-on table/tray you have to extend sewing surface), sharp or topstitch needles 80/12.