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Saturday 02/23/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Laura Barker

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Upstairs and Down, Short-tier Entrelac with Laura Barker
Yarn pooling is fascinating—socks, short-row scarves, and entrelac all come to mind. How about entrelac short rows! Or should that be short tiers? The result; "Upstairs and Down" published in Knitter's Magazine 115, Summer 2014, is a reversible scarf of ribbed entrelac rectangles, no triangles, in a mostly rectangular shape. The woven nature of entrelac is highlighted by this orientation, but the colors form stairs in the pattern, emphasized at the ends of the scarf.

__This scarf may be knit in any weight yarn from fingering to worsted, using approximately 400 yds, regardless of weight; a yarn that has some color change is recommended.
__Because both entrelac and ribbing tend to make your fabric more dense, go up a needle size or two for a nice drape, 3.5mm/US4 for fingering-weight up to 5.5mm/U9 for worsted-weight.