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Friday 02/22/2019, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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*Crochet *Knitting Color, Creativity

Gwen Bortner

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Knit & Crochet with Alternative Fibers with Gwen Bortner
Have you tried knitting or crocheting with all the typical yarns but long for something fun and new? This is your chance to play with a variety of alternatives not found in your local yarn shop. In most cases you can't even technically call what we are talking about even string. We are not talking bamboo or soy, we are talking REALLY alternative! Discover the pros and cons of knitting with non-traditional fibers! Basic skills in either knitting or crochet are all that are needed but even experts might discover something new. This class is about exploring and having fun while adding a new dimension to your favorite hobby.

__A variety of needle and/or hook sizes to explore working with different types of materials.


Materials Fee: $15 for a sample bag of alternative fibers not traditionally used for knitting or crocheting