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Saturday 02/23/2019, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Dyeing Special techniques

Jennifer Vancalcar

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Over-dye a Skein or Item with Jennifer Vancalcar
You own a skein of wool or a single-skein project in an unfortunate color or unappealing variegation. You hate the color? Don’t like the shade? It’s unattractive in the finished piece? All is not lost! We'll overdye it!

We will address wool, silk, or other animal fiber (no cottons/ rayons/ cellulose fibers) as we experiment with colors and dyes to fix it and make it work. Students will have access to a large array of colors mixed for the class.

We’ll discuss color theory, what works and what doesn’t , overdye issues and concerns*, and things to avoid. Students will come away with the basic knowledge and understanding to overdye other yarns and projects down the road in their crafting career AND with a ‘new’ skein to knit or a newly colored project to love.

* Note that black, brown, and extremely dark blues and greens can be difficult to overdye. Bring more than one skein or project just in case.

__An apron if desired and Wear clothes that you are not afraid to stain with dye and bring an apron if you wish.

Materials Fee: $20.00 for use of dyes and gloves.