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Saturday 06/01/2019, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Knitting Garment construction Trouble shooting

Jeane deCoster

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Seam Busters! with Jeane deCoster
Who's afraid of a little ole' seam?! In all honesty, seams are a true blessing in sweater design. They make fitting sweaters less stressful, and provide opportunities for easy alterations and tweaks to a pattern.

Come try easy tricks that make seaming simple. We'll practice on a variety of swatches and yarns and you'll go home with notes and skills for (simple) changes you can apply to any sweater pattern. And yes, we'll even talk about how and when eliminating a seam or two might be a good thing! Soon you will look at seams as a friendly approach to alterations, after all that's how the pros customize garment fit.

__Bent, large hole tapestry needle
__Yarn snips
__Paper/pencil for notes

Make 2 large stockinette swatches with the same number of rows with NO edge finishes of any kind. If you want to challenge the teacher, bring 2 more large swatches knit with any stitch pattern. Bring a few yards of matching yarn for each swatch.
Optional $10/pair of swatches for anyone who doesn't want to do homework or wants extra practice.