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Friday 05/31/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Stitch patterns Tips & hints

Tracy Purtscher

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If...Then: Self Generating Stitch Patterns with Tracy Purtscher
Have you ever had the urge to just cast on and knit but didn't have access to any patterns? Does an intriguing but mindless knit that can be taken anywhere-with nothing but the yarn and needles-seem appealing to you?

You will learn how to create a dynamic knitted fabric using self-generating stitch patterns with repeating or evolving motifs. We will make knit/purl textured fabrics as samples to learn the principles.

Once understood, you will be ready to work self-generating patterns in other types of knit-twisted stitches, stranded colorwork, lace, and slipped stitches. The options are limited only by your desires and imagination.

After you are comfortable with the principles laid out in the classwork, we will discuss ways to create your own patterns and what to do if the pattern expires or morphs and no longer is self-generating. Self-generating patterns make Spontaneous Knitting the ultimate comfort knitting- extremely portabile with unique results.

__Classic, Smooth, light-colored yarn
__Knitting needles of an appropriate size
__Knitting Basics: Sharp scissors, Notebook, Pen or pencil with eraser, Stitch markers, Tapestry needles (large and small), Tape measure, Small calculator, Needles and crochet hooks of various sizes