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Sunday 06/02/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Color, Creativity Design

Phyllis Bell Miller

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Make Design Decisions Like a Pro with Phyllis Bell Miller
Whether you design a garment from scratch or modify an existing one, this workshop will give you the tools to make decisions like a pro. Using elements and principles of design can help you make creative decisions rather than guessing and praying.

Using straightforward formulas we will determine the most flattering proportions for your garment - length, size, and even placement of patterns and design elements.

Alternation, Sequence, Gradation, Transition, and Concentricity will help you design more interesting color arrangements, stripes, details, and even edgings.

Light, Texture, Contrast, and Line lead the way in making some elements prominent while others recede. Most importantly, we'll see how Emphasis, Unity, Repetition, Balance, Rhythm, and Harmony create a unified look.

These concepts become real design tools with the visuals, handouts, worksheets, and exercises you perform in class.

__Pen and paper for taking notes

None. If desired, bring garments or projects about which you have questions.