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Thursday 05/30/2019, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Knitting Design Finishing Fit Garment construction Tips & hints Trouble shooting

Barry Klein

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The Shape of Things to Come with Barry Klein
We will talk about garments and different methods to shape, alter, and wear the things we make so they fit beautifully. We will look at new and updated techniques to create innovative and flattering shapes for future projects This includes using sewing patterns and their graphics as inspiration; the patterns are life-sized templates.

__All Knitting Basic including 1 extra pair of straight knitting needles (we won’t be using them to knit with.)

Bring 2 knit swatches in yarns that you would like use for a garment:
Cast on 40 stitchess and work 6 rows stockinette stitch. Do not bind off and do not cut yarn, leave swatch on needles so we can continue from there.