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Thursday 11/14/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Color, Creativity Tips & hints

Beth Whiteside

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Round Up! 4 Ways to Knit in the Round with Beth Whiteside
There's more than 2 ways to knit round and round! We'll go over the old standbys, circular and double-points, plus try out 2 new ways, 2 circulars and the Magic Loop. We'll get warmed up on a neckwarmer, then test drive our techniques on the small diameter of a fingerless glove.

_120 yards of smooth bulky weight (3-4 stitches per inch) yarn in light or bright color
_needles of size recommended for yarn (~US 10 to 11) in EACH of following types:
*set of 4/5 double points
*16" circular (as measured tip to tip)
*24" circular
*40" or longer circular

With 16˝ circular needle, cast on 52 stitches. Join and knit 1 round. In bulky yarn, 52 stitches should loosely span the 16˝ length (measured point to point) of the needle. If it does not, check your needle length (it may be too long) and yarn weight (it may be less than bulky!).