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Friday 11/15/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Finishing Garment construction Skill-building basics Special techniques

Franklin Habit

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Snip and Zip: Steeks and Zippers with Franklin Habit
This empowering class is designed to guide timid and/or inexperienced knitters through two operations: the cutting of steeks (slashed openings in knit fabric) and the installation of zippers. These techniques are famous for causing anxiety in the uninitiated.

Note: Fluency in the basics of knitting, including knitting-in-the-round and stranded 2-color work (Fair Isle Knitting) is a pre-requisite.

__The completed homework assignment.
__One ball (partial is fine) of wool yarn in a weight equal to, or slightly lighter than, the yarns used to knit the homework; it should be of a color that contrasts well with the homework yarns.
__One crochet hook, equal to or slightly smaller in diameter than the knitting needles used to knit the homework.
__One pair of sharp scissors.
__Notebook and pen or pencil for taking notes.

Homework and supplies are available as a pdf at


If clicking on the link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser.
Materials fee: $5 for additional materials will be collected in class.