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Thursday 11/14/2019, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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*Knitting Knitting techniques Skill-building basics

Denise Bell

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The Take Away: A Study of Decreases with Denise Bell
Whether you knit a sock, a sweater, a lace shawl, or any other project you most likely include decreases.

These stitches fall into at least three categories:
* Right-leaning single decreases
* Left-leaning single decreases
* Double decreases
The decrease you choose may impact the appearance, and even your working speed. Deciding which one is best comes from understanding its characteristics and how to execute it efficiently. We'll learn both of these essentials while knitting our decrease swatch.

In the nomenclature of Reference Librarians, this swatch will be your Ready Reference.

Note: Students must have basic knitting skills and some experience with knit increases and decreases

__Classic yarn in a solid, light (anything you are comfortable using, from fingering to worsted weight, and appropriate needles)