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Sunday 11/17/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Design Garment construction Project-based Special techniques

Anna Zilboorg

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Perfected Free-sole Socks with Anna Zilboorg
This is a sock construction that makes possible stranded socks with plain soles (less bulk, easier to put on, cool looking) or any socks with different yarns on the instep and sole (tough Wensleydale on the sole; cashmere, glitter, or possum on top).

But its greatest advantage comes later, when the sock has developed a hole. Socks made this way can have a damaged part of the sole removed and reknit when necessary. In the past, removal of part of the sole, especially the heel, was not quite as simple as I claimed. But with up-graded technique, it unravels smoothly. Furthermore the heel, which was a bit awkward to work, is now much simpler.

In this workshop we'll start with a two-part toe (pick-up shaping) continue up the sole adding a gusset as we go, turning the heel and making the flap. Then back to the instep, with or without a color pattern (two handed backwards), attaching it to the sole (strip joining). The up the leg, all in three hours to make a sock large enough to store quarters in your car.

5 short double-pointed needles OR circulars if that is what you prefer
Sport-weight or heavier yarn in 1 or 2 medium or light colors