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Thursday 11/14/2019, 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Franklin Habit

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The Ewe and I: Life with Dolores with Franklin Habit
Once upon a time, Franklin Habit was a quiet, rather timid knitter with a brand new spinning wheel. He sent away for some wool to spin.

The wool arrived still firmly attached to the exterior of a sheep. No ordinary sheep, either. This was Dolores, a feisty Romney with a mysterious past; a smart mouth; and a taste for Gauloise cigarettes, whiskey, and trouble. In exchange for the fleece, she asked to sleep on Franklin’s couch for two weeks.

A decade later, Dolores is Franklin’s muse and a style icon of the fiber world. Major knitting designers aspire to dress her. Legions of fans dream of being her. Over the years, she has wrangled an unruly stash of sock yarns into a show choir, won Miss Congeniality at a major sheep and wool festival, taken her all-sheep band on the road, run as the Fibertarian Party candidate for president, written and starred in a musical about Elizabeth Zimmermann, and disrupted a royal wedding in Westminster Abbey.

In this riotously funny and revealing evening talk, Franklin will share the unvarnished truth about his life with Dolores. Will he ever get the fleece he ordered? Come and find out.