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Friday 10/04/2019, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Knitting Lace Project-based Special techniques

Jolie A. Elder

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Introduction to Versa Lace with Jolie A. Elder
We love lace! We love the feminine allure of lace shawls and wraps and cowls and scarves. But we do not love the wrong sides of these garments. Phooey! What's a knitter to do? Did you know you can convert many stockinette-based lace patterns into reversible lace patterns? No, this is not double-knitting, but you should already be comfortable with 1x1 ribbing and lace knitting.

Note that the photo with the darker colored yarn is the project scarf and the light colored photo displays the technique better.

__Class yarn (worsted weight, plain, light or bright or medium color, non-splitting)
__Needles appropriate for 1×1 ribbing in this yarn
__If you want to make the Juniperus ficus scarf project shown in the dark yarn, you'll want 2 skeins/200g total of worsted-weight yarn.