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Welcome to STITCHES United

where all fiber arts coexist: knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting and more! Imagine your projects benefiting from all knowledge from every craft! This is the intent of STITCHES United.

Join us in April for the first ever STITCHES United.

What's Your Angle?
Welcome to Knitter's Magazine, WINTER! Click to see what's inside.
Our cover: Rising tides by Laura Barker
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2,680 reasons to NOT turn your work 
This issue has 4 projects perfect for knitting back and forth — without turning your work. Rick finds it a real time saver! Page 83 tells how much time Rick saved as he knit 2 of them.

APRIL 27-30, 2017

BRIOCHE for Two!

A slant on Miters

Zip through ENTRELAC

Sideways Cables & Panels

Short-row & Ripple Waves

Check out Left-handed Knitting, Rick's Craftsy class. Lesson 6 deals with knitting in both directions — with no turns — perfect for every knitter.