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XRX, Inc. is the parent company of STITCHES Events. Diversity and equality are essential to who we are, and respect for everyone is a core part of our identity. XRX, Inc. is an equal-opportunity employer with regard to our employees, teachers, and other staff. As such, we consider discrimination of any kind, whether it is based on personal attributes such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or a genetic condition, unacceptable and therefore will not be tolerated.

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to promote and defend diversity at our shows. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and bullying. Among, but not limited to, the discriminatory conducts that we find unacceptable are bullying, inappropriate physical contact, or any form of physical, verbal, or non-verbal harassment or abuse toward anyone for any reason. And as such, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions and/or remove from our shows any person that, in our judgment, fails to adhere to our zero-tolerance discrimination and/or bullying policies.

KnittingUniverse.com / XRX, Inc. Statement of Principles & Conduct