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What are stitchips?

stitchips are the best knitting, crochet,
and weaving content re-imagined for you!

stitchips have been formatted for
optimal compatibility with as many Mac
& Windows (and even some Linux)
operating systems as possible.

stitchips contain only the best in Rich
PDF formatted content along with 'Xtras'
that will help you savor each and every
delicious digital experience.

stitchips make the perfect gift for the crafter in your family—and are excellent stocking stuffers (or just a really nice 'because you care' gift).

Knitter's Magazine Collections:
7 chips K100–K125, 26 issues  $63.50
1-year, 4-issue chips  $13.00 each

Pick your favorite titles.

Plug your stitchips into your computer’s USB slot.

And play. You’ll find a Rich Portable Document Format (PDF) which includes bookmarking, internal page links, and high-res images and charts (so you can print pages and/or sections as you see fit).

It’s that simple!

stitchips - USB Inspiration Cards

Fill your library with innovation, inspiration, and instruction. stitchips contain a complete publication (book, magazine, or collection) in a credit-card-sized USB drive.

Best of Knitter's Magazine:
Guy Knits
Arans & Celtics
Jackets for Work and Play
At Home
Shawls and Scarves

A Knitter's dozen:
Angels, Bags, Hats, Kids, Ponchos & Wraps, Scarves, Babies & Toddlers

The Complete Best of WEAVER'S Collection

Double Weave
Fabrics that go Bump
Huck Lace
Overshot is Hot!
Summer & Winter PLUS
Thick 'n Thin
Twill Thrills

+Color $35.50


For best results, we recommend using Acrobat Reader (a free application from Adobe TM) as a desktop application for viewing and printing. You can also transfer the PDF to your tablet, smart phone, or iDevices and enjoy all of the same functionality using one of many apps (like Acrobat or iBooks in the iOS).


The talented and dynamic duo of Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby have teamed up with XRX, Inc. to offer 12 of their favorite knitting patterns and 12 of their favorite crochet patterns for these limited edition Shibaguyz Designz stitchips.

These patterns usually sell for $6 each... so this is a real bargain to be able to get 12 of their best patterns for only $20 per stitchip ($72 value if you download each of these patterns separately from their website).

For the FIRST TIME EVER... Myra Wood is offering digital versions of her unbelievably popular self-published books — Crazy Lace and Creative Crochet Lace.

These books are no longer in print and not currently available anywhere else beside stitchip. And at $18 each they are a steal.

And remember, Myra also has a book from XRX Books titled 'Knit In New Directions' that is also available on stitchip.

Socks & SOX Collection:
Socks • Socks • Socks & Think Outside The SOX

Babies & Kids Collection:
Knitter's Dozen: Kids, Knitter's Dozen: Babies & Toddlers, Kids, Kids, Kids, and the Great American Kid's Afghan


Anna Zilboorg Collection:
Splendid Apparel
Magnificent Mittens & Socks


Shawls, Scarves, & Wraps Collection:
Best of Knitter's: Shawls and Scarves
Knitter's Dozen: Ponchos and Wraps
Knitter's Dozen: Scarves


Great American Afghan Collection:
The Great American Afghan
The Great American Aran Afghan
The Great North American Afghan
The Great American Kid's Afghan

The Jean Frost

Jean Frost Jackets
Custom Fit Knit Jackets
Stitches for Tailored Knits

The Knitting Experience Collection:
Book 1: Knit Stitch
Book 2: Purl Stitch
Book 3: Color

Some fun facts about stitchips (pronounced 'stitch-ips')...

The digital content on stitchips are 'Rich PDFs'. That means that they are optimized but also high-res enough, so when you print a section or a pattern you will get a crisp nice-looking page. You can enlarge the charts because we have preserved the vector data. It means that the images will look good because we didn't downsample them so much that they will become pixelated
—even if you enlarge them up to 2 times (at the very least) of the full size. Rich PDFs also have internal linking—click on a page reference in the Table of Contents and it takes you there. We have also linked out to websites when appropriate. Every stitchip PDF has bookmarks to make navigation of the PDF easy. And because these PDFs were well formatted, they are completely searchable (try doing that with a paper book or magazine).

stitchip PDFs are guaranteed to never get dog-eared. Their pages will never tear, or get stained by coffee, tea, or Diet Dr. Pepper. They will not fade or yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. Note: We cannot guarantee that your stitchip will never need dusting or get damaged. And when you print pages... the above guarantees are void for the printed pages— but not to worry, you can print new ones.

One very cool reason to invest in stitchips is so that you have something tangible for your favorite author to sign. Yes… using a Sharpie marker, your favorite stitchip authors can sign your stitchips—not possible with downloadable PDFs.

stitchips are gluten free, no-cal, high in fiber content,  and come in savory bite-sized packets (we dare you to buy only one). stitchips are cloud friendly, tree friendly, and inspiration friendly—Not to mention user friendly! stitchips are also LYS and small business friendly. We intend to offer our complete stitchips line to yarn and craft shops with a full keystone discount — so shops can benefit from this great new product and sell them to their customers as well. Because yarn and patterns work hand in hand!

Currently we have stitchips for knitters, crocheters, and weavers. But we plan on including additional crafting flavors in our stitchips selections in the near future.

Best practices for stitchips…back them up to your computer, be gentle when plugging them in and out of USB connectors, collect them all and try to get them autographed by their authors… but please avoid dipping them in sour cream, guacamole, salsa, or other condiments (sigh… nothing’s perfect).