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K23 Summer 1991

A Victorian Summer
In this issue:

  • A knitter's book of hours
  • Visit the oldest needlework shop in America!
  • Tea time—A properly dressed table
  • Victorian secret Bare essentials
K24 Fall 1991

Alpine Knits
In this issue:

  • An afghan for all seasons: Part I
  • Modern design: redefined in Vienna
  • Choices: traveling stitches
  • Alpine stockings
K25 Winter 1991

Little Luxuries
In this issue:

  • Luxury fibers, a classy label: Edy Lyngaas
  • Friend or faux?
  • Enjoy the 'ahhh' factor as you practice fiscal responsibility
  • Why ply? 1, 2, 3: each strand makes a difference
K26 Spring 1992

A Spring Garden
In this issue:

  • Sissinghurst: The castle and garden
  • An afghan for all seasons
  • Making x-st work on knitted fabric
  • Choices: Intarsia in the round

K27 Summer 1992 SOLD OUT

Making it Fit!
In this issue:

  • Take-away tucks, pull-in pleats
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Easy ways to improve the fit of almost any sweater
  • A yoke for anybody

K28 Fall 1992

Knitting in Eastern Europe
In this issue:

  • Latvian mittens
  • Cossack coat
  • Orient express
  • Eastern stars
  • Ukranian stockings
  • Turkish delights

K29 Winter 1992
Funnies & Phonies

Caps, gloves, sweaters, and critters share a sense of humor. Knitters occasionally throw caution to the winds and say "Why not?"

  • Technique: Phony seams with Meg Swansen. Build in the advantages of unseemly seams.
  • The inside story: No-nonsense guide to lining sweater jackets. With Diane Zangl.
  • Find Ann Swanson's dear kitty a 'safe' 57 pages from Meg Swansen's irresistible catnip mice.
K3 Fall/Winter 1985

Color Me in Knits
In this issue:

  • Interview with Barbara Walker
  • The fair sweaters of fair isle
  • Bogus bohus
  • The color specialists

K30 Spring 1993
American Country - Featured in this issue: *Catnip Mice by Meg Swansen *Teacher's Pets by Nadia Severns
K31 Summer 1993

At Home
In this issue:

  • Classic lace
  • Pillow talk
  • It's curtains
  • Warm hearts

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