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Magnificent Mittens & Socks - PDF
The beauty of warm hands and feet: Anna Zilboorg’s classic, Magnificent Mittens, contained patterns for 42 gloriously color-patterned mittens, all knit from fingertip to wrist. In this expanded edition, Magnificent Mittens & Socks, you’ll discover how Anna Zilboorg’s toe-up, free-sole sock designs can be combined with the mitten charts. With stranded patterning on the top of the foot and a plain sole, it is elastic, easily reinforced, and easily repaired. No longer are color-patterned socks too much work for too little wear.
Module Magic - PDF
Discover MODULES! It’s easy to be creative one square . . . or triangle . . . or strip . . . at a time. Color? Fit? Construction? It’s MAGIC! With each shape, Ginger Luters takes you from concept to garment as she introduces the basics of knitting it, shares a design-board of ideas, and provides step-by-step instructions for several projects. Then she shows how to combine modules and build quilt-inspired patchwork designs. Modules are portable to knit, versatile to use, and reward you with a sense of accomplishment every time you finish knitting one. The knitting is easy and the finishing is minimal since most modules are joined as you knit them.
Ponchos & Wraps: A Knitter's dozen - PDF
Although this book began as a collection of 12 designs from past issues of Knitter's Magazine, we were soon up to our needles in yarns and inspiration. Planning and knitting answers to "What if...?" While most appear here as Make it Yours! additions to other designs, a few are new, and more wait to be knit.
Scarves: A Knitter's Dozen - PDF
The best ideas for scarves from Knitter's Magazine are featured in this project book for knitters of all skill levels.
Socks • Socks • Socks - PDF
This wonderful compilation of sock patterns was edited by Elaine Rowley. She gathered them together from the hundreds of entries to the Sock Design contest in Knitter's Magazine. These socks were contributed by knitters from 32 states, 4 Canadian provinces, Iceland, and New Zealand.
Splendid Apparel - PDF
The craft of knitting is devoted to making useful things. The craft of embroidery is devoted to making useful things beautiful. Anna Zilboorg brings these two crafts together in Splendid Apparel.
Stitches for Tailored Knits - PDF
Jean Frost's expertise with tailored knits, especially jackets, is well known. Jean Frost Jackets addresses silhouette and detail. Custom Knit Jackets provides a system for custom fitting. Stitches for Tailored Knits provides a collection of her favorite fabrics.
Swing Swagger Drape - PDF
A collection of refined knits with great fit and timeless style: The central pieces—the swing coats, swagger jackets, and drapes—show what makes Jane Slicer-Smith designs unique: a masterful use of color, fabrics that move, shapes that flatter, images and customized fit.
The Best of Lopi - PDF
Spanning 35 years and nearly 1000 designs, The Best of Lopi celebrates the tradition of the Icelandic yoked sweater with updated sizing, colorway choices, and clearly illustrated techniques. But color patterns are only the beginning.
The Best of Weaver's: Fabrics that go Bump - PDF
This is the third book in its popular The Best of Weaver's series. Weavers will love this intriguing collection of projects in fabrics that magically defy the flat plane, and bend, pucker, bump, and pleat.
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