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Weave Knit Wear - stitchip
Judith Shangold dispels the myth that you need expensive equipment, a large space, or special threads to weave simply fabulous garments and accessories. All 30 projects are made on a 20"-wide rigid-heddle loom. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Victorian Lace Today - stitchip
Jane Sowerby draws on inspiration from the first knitting books in these 40 patterns knit today's way—with clear instructions, in the yarns, colors, and shapes you love. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Think Outside the SOX - stitchip
Think Outside the Sox features over 60 winning designs from the Knitter's Magazine contest; knitter profiles and design processes; innovative constructions; updates on traditional techniques; and just plain beautiful socks. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Swing Swagger Drape - stitchip
This collection of 29 swing coats, swagger jackets, drapes, and other garments shows what makes a Jane Slicer-Smith design unique—masterful use of color, fabrics that move, shapes that flatter, and customized fit. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Stitches for Tailored Knits - stitchip
Jean Frost's expertise with tailored knits, especially jackets, is well known. Stitches for Tailored Knits is a collection of her favorite fabric stitches filled with ways to transform them by adding a second or third color, fiber, or yarn. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Splendid Apparel - stitchip
The craft of knitting is devoted to making useful things. The craft of embroidery is devoted to making useful things beautiful. Anna Zilboorg brings these two crafts together in Splendid Apparel. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Socks • Socks • Socks - stitchip
This amazing compilation of sock patterns grew from the hundreds of entries from 32 states, 4 Canadian provinces, Iceland, and New Zealand to the Knitter's Magazine contest. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Socks & Sox Collection - stitchip
The Socks & Sox Collection contains 2 COMPLETE BOOKS: Socks, Socks, Socks and Think Outside the Sox with winning entries from the Knitter's Magazine sock contests. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Shawls, Scarves and Wraps Collection - stitchip
The Shawls, Scarves, & Wraps Collection contains 3 COMPLETE BOOKS: Best of Knitter's: Shawls and Scarves; Knitter's Dozen: Scarves; and Knitter's Dozen: Ponchos & Wraps. CLICK HERE FOR MORE
Module Magic - stitchip
Discover MODULES! It’s easy to be creative one square . . . or triangle . . . or strip . . . at a time. Color? Fit? Construction? It’s MAGIC! CLICK HERE FOR MORE
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