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Weave Knit Wear

Simply fabulous clothing and accessories
Simply fabulous clothing and accessories

Weave•Knit•Wear dispels the myth that you need expensive equipment, a large space, or special threads to weave simply fabulous garments and accessories. Judith Shangold's designs for all 30 projects, from the narrowest boa to a 55" wide serape, are tailored to the most basic equipment —the 20" wide rigid-heddle loom—making it affordable, portable, and intimate.

She pairs simple shapes that reflect the ease of current fashion, require little cutting and sewing, and build on the long tradition of ethnic garments created from strips of handwoven fabric.

The book offers guidance on the basics of weaving and the minimal hand sewing and knitting techniques used, as well as primers on choosing yarns, designing warps, planning garments, and finishing the fabric.

This makes Weave•Knit•Wear a valuable resource for all weavers—both rigid-heddle and harness loom—as they plan and construct one-of-a-kind woven and woven-and-knit projects.

Judith explains, When I came back to weaving in 2007, my main interest was in designing clothing. But I am not a seamstress—I have never sewn a garment from a pattern. And I work on a small loom—there is simply no space in my little house, so my loom of choice is a 20" rigid-heddle loom.

Why rigid-heddle? I like plain weave—in the same way that I'm partial to simple knit stitches—so I can concentrate on color, design, and texture. I decided to see what's possible with this simple piece of equipment. I started with a few clothing design ideas that I could make with narrow pieces and that didn't require a lot of cutting or sewing.This book is the culmination of my explorations.

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Weave Knit Wear