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Best of Knitter's: Knitter's at Home

Cottage, condo, cave, or castle—no matter where you live, knits make it home. Discover the freedom of knits that don't need to fit; they always fit in somewhere, adding comfort and color to corners of life. You may start making a pillow and enjoy it so much that soon you have an afghan. Not sure if you want to make the entire afghan? Try just one block and it's a pillow. 

The techniques are varied; chapter titles—Americana, Colors of the World, Textures at Home, and Soft Geometry—suggest a wide range of styles. A Choices section gives you encouragement to dip into your stash and make these knits your own.This collection of 34 favorite patterns for pillows, bolsters, afghans, and throws is from the archives of Knitter's Magazine.

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Best of Knitter's: Knitter's at Home
Price: $19.95