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Maggie's Ireland

Designer Knits on Location

With over 40 exciting designs, you'll come for the knitting, but you'll stay for the coastal views, the historic ruins, and the Irish wit.

Maggie Jackson on Fashion: I think of myself as a fashion designer who designs knitwear. I love bringing fashion to the knitter and showing that you, too, can produce a garment that's unique, exciting. It gives me great pleasure to have a knitter say, "I never thought I could knit something like this." Or," This is the first time my husband noticed what I've worn in thirteen years!"

On Knitting: My work is all about simple stitches for the average knitter. They're fun garments, fun to knit. As I knit, I change the stitches as I go along because if I find it interesting, you will. If I find it boring, you will too, and never finish. My aim is for you to finish the garment and look like a million dollars in it.

On Linen: With linen I have come up with something that is different than what anyone else is doing. People feel special when they wear linen. It drapes so beautifully and they love its natural color.

On Her Signature Splits and Tubes: They're my way to bring color and added dimension to the design. You knit these sections separately, without carrying yarns across the back.

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Maggie's Ireland
Price: $37.95