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Knit My Skirt

by Candace Eisner Strick

If you thought you could never wear a knit skirt, think again. You'll LOVE your knit skirt. Skirts opens the door to endless creativity; they are a blank canvas on which to design shapes, colors, stitch patterns, embellishments, and construction techniques.

Candace Eisner Strick shows you how to knit YOUR skirt. Have all the scarves and shawls you will ever want? Try a skirt. They are easy to knit—many are seamless with simple shaping, easy to wear—supremely comfortable, travel-worthy, and much easier to custom-fit than a sweater—Candace shows how.

This is a real wardrobe of skirts: 25 patterns with thoughtful additions and brilliant waist treatments shown in a wide range of yarns include many all-season fiber options. 

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Knit My Skirt
Price: $24.95