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Module Magic

Creative projects to knit 1 block at a time

Discover MODULES! It’s easy to be creative one square . . .or triangle . . . or strip . . . at a time. Color? Fit? Construction? It’s MAGIC! With each shape, Ginger Luters takes you from concept to garment as she introduces the basics of knitting it, shares a design-board of ideas, and provides step-by-step instructions for several projects. Then she shows how to combine different modules and build quilt-inspired patchwork designs. More fun follows as you try the process using the convenient grid pages provided:
• Build shapes and motifs.
• Plan a garment.
• Play with color and direction of knitting.
• Map your route.
• Size the piece by sizing the module. Modules are portable to knit, versatile to use, and reward you with a sense of accomplishment every time you finish knitting one. The knitting is easy; and since most modules are joined as you knit them, the finishing is minimal.

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Module Magic
Price: $19.95