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The Great American Afghan - PDF

Great American Afghan - PDF

Since its first appearance in Knitter's Magazine issues 42-46, the Great American Afghan has appealed to many knitters.

Now re-knit in a new colorway and in updated yarn, the secret to its success is still the square. The squares are made one at a time, making your knitting portable and interchangeable. You're free to choose a square or a color to repeat or omit, developing ideas as you go.

We are pleased to offer this amazing book in rich Portable Document Format (PDF)—which includes bookmarking, internal page links, and high-res images & charts (so you can print pages and/or sections as you see fit).

For best results, we recommend using Acrobat Reader (a free application from Adobe™) as a desktop application for viewing and printing. You can also transfer this PDF to your tablet and enjoy all of the same functionality using one of many apps (like iBooks in the iOS).

This digital edition in rich Portable Document Format (PDF) updated November 10, 2016

Note: This PDF is 39 Mb. We reduced it as much as we could without sacrificing necessary quality. This PDF requires Acrobat Reader 5 or higher to take advantage of all features.
The Great American Afghan - PDF
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