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Knitting Experience Collection: Knit & Purl - stitchip

Knit Stitch & Purl Stitch
The Knitting Experience Collection - stitchip Collection

The Knit & Purl Collection contains the first 2 COMPLETE BOOKS in the popular Knitting Experience series: The Knit Stitch and The Purl Stitch. These learn-to-knit books are not just for beginners: Sally Melville combines "everything you need to know" with "everything you want to make." 

In each:
Clear, step-by-step photographs help you get started. Next, in 'What You Need to Know Before You Begin a Project', you learn to make the choices that result in successful garments. Then the real fun begins! In the chapters that follow, a progression of skills are taught, all with the same over-the-shoulder guidance. And each skill is punctuated by fabulous and fun projects to knit! The patterns are presented in a uniquely accessible format; the photographs convince that these are projects to make and wear; and the coach is always there offering advice, anticipating difficulties, providing rescue techniques.
To underscore it all, between the chapters are "meditations" on why we love to knit. Like knitters today, this book attends to the heart and mind as well as the hand and eye. Like knitting today, this book is personal, passionate, powerful—exactly what the new knitter is looking for and irresistible to the already-converted.

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Knitting Experience Collection: Knit & Purl - stitchip
Price: $24.50