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Knitter's 2016: K122-K125 - stitchip

Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter issues
Knitter's 2016 - stitchip Collection

This stitchip contains the 4 COMPLETE ISSUES of Knitter’s Magazine from 2016:

Spring—Wicked color
Knit-1 below plaid , Linen-stitch tweed, Disappearing ripples, Fading-color ikat
Fluid movement, Progressive ribs, Unlikely lace, Sassy sections, & Placid pieces

Summer—Summer Gold
Coordinated couples, Get in shape, Top scores, Body building

Levels of Texture with creative stitches
Colorful Layers in stripes and striated yarns
Modern Lines for classic designs

Winter—What's Your Angle?
Sideways knits; Panels & patches; Mixed textures; Miters & more; Waves, ripples & ridges

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Knitter's 2016: K122-K125 - stitchip
Price: $13.00