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Best of Weaver's Collection - stitchip

Best of Weaver's Collection - Stitchips

The Best of Weaver's Collection contains 7 COMPLETE BOOKS from the archives of Weaver's Magazine:

Fabrics That Go Bump
The third book in the popular Best of Weaver's series is filled with fabrics that defy the flat plane as they bend, pucker, bump, and pleat.

Huck Lace
With 102 pages, 35 designers, 43 projects, and 15 comprehensive articles from Weaver's Magazine, you'll find: block design with huck lace, network drafting with huck lace, pick-up with huck lace, combining huck with others structures, special fiber and finishing tips.

Summer & Winter PLUS

Editor Madelyn Van Der Hoogt brings together the articles and projects featuring Summer and Winter and other tied-unit weaves from Weaver's and Prairie Wool Companion.

The Magic of Doubleweave
Editor Madelyn Van Der Hoogt brings together the articles and projects that focus on loom-controlled double weave from the pages of Weaver's magazine and Prairie Wool Companion.

Thick 'N Thin
TNT gathers weave structures that explore and exploit the mix that happens when thick threads and thin threads are placed together in warp and weft.

Twill Thrills
The fourth book in the Best of Weaver's series is a comprehensive study of twill—new twills and old twills, plain twills and fancy twills, twills on four shafts and twills on more.

Overshot is Hot!
Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt presents the many articles and projects featuring overshot that appeared in Weaver's and Prairie Wool Companion over a 20-year period when overshot was transformed from a weave structure into a contemporary, multicolor, multiuse pattern weave.

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Best of Weaver's Collection - stitchip
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