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Crazy Lace: an artistic approach to Creative Lace Knitting - stitchip

By Myra Wood
Crazy Lace: an artistic approach to Creative Lace Knitting - Stitchip

Lace knitting doesn't have to drive you crazy! Well-known fiberartist and teacher, Myra Wood invites you to have fun and be creative while knitting lace. This book is a radical departure from the usual pre-designed patterns. You'll discover the wonderful world of improvisational knitting and find your own style emerge whether symmetrically or completely randomly.

Starting with a comprehensive explanation of "Lace Logic" you'll quickly learn how and why different types of lace patterns are created, You'll then explore unlimited approaches to create your own lace treasures from your own designs. Detailed instructions include adapting your own patterns as you knit from existing lace patterns, charting entirely new patterns on the fly, or just winging it freestyle without any charts at all.

The book also includes complete directions for many geometric shapes that can be used with any Crazy Lace approach as the basis for gorgeous shawls, scarves, and stoles. Filled with luscious photography and detailed illustrations, this book will become a treasured tool for beginning lace knitters as well as seasoned heirloom knitters who want to break out of the box and try something different. Filled with inspiration, this is the perfect book for discovering the artistic approach to Creative Lace Knitting.

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Crazy Lace: an artistic approach to Creative Lace Knitting - stitchip
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