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Stitches for Tailored Knits - stitchip

Stitches for Tailored Knits

Every time you see Jean Frost, she is sporting a new hand-knit jacket. The colors and silhouettes are classic, the fabrics feel and look great—worked in yummy fibers, with a stable yet supple hand. Her jackets feature fabric interest, simple and effective details, and great buttons. Jean's personal wardrobe inspired this collection. Now it can inspire your own wardrobe of jackets.

To turn these well-chosen stitches into successful fabric, just follow the basic instructions. But when you see how a pattern can be transformed—by adding a second or third color, fiber, or yarn—the fun really begins.

As you begin to design your own knit fabrics, your idea of knitting a swatch will change forever. No longer a routine task, swatching comes into its own as one of the most exciting and creative parts of your knitting life. 

Most of these stitch patterns are easy to knit and easy to use due to their small repeat. Techniques are clearly illustrated. Useful tips explain the when, why, and how of adding edge stitches for easy and perfect finishing, using directional fabrics effectively, and getting the most from your swatch.

The bonus? This multi-color, multi-yarn approach makes for great knitting and stash busting.

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Stitches for Tailored Knits - stitchip
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