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Super Fan Knocker Challenge & STITCHES VIP Raffle

$20 Donation per Entry
Super Fan Knocker Challenge

This Challenge is for EVERYONE!

You can use any medium or crafting style you want. You can knit, crochet, sew, etc. - create them using your favorite technique! They are not meant to be functional. This is your time to get creative and have fun, perhaps featuring your favorite color, sports team, or animal.

There are three categories that you can submit to… ‘Most Creative’, ‘Most Inspirational’, and ‘Why The Heck Not?’. All entries will be juried by representatives from XRX, Inc. and Knitting Knockers Support Foundation to create a group of finalists. Those finalists will be taken to STITCHES West 2020, displayed, and then judged.

Your Super Fan Knocker Entry needs to be mailed in by December 1, 2019. 

   XRX, Inc.
   Super Fan Knocker Challenge
   2704 West 3rd Street
   PO Box 965
   Sioux Falls SD 57101

Please include your receipt (from the KnittingUniverse.com web store), your contact information, the name of your entry/entries, a note about what and/or how your knocker(s) were made. And if you have a story or dedication for your entry/entries that you would like to share (publicly), please include that as well. Your receipt order number will be your entry number.

Please Note: Your submitted knockers will NOT be returned--regardless of if they become finalist(s) or not
Super Fan Knocker Challenge & STITCHES VIP Raffle
Price: $20.00
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