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Victorian Lace Today

Scarves and shawls, capes and fichus—40 patterns with comprehensive techniques guide the beginner, challenge the experienced, and inspire the ambitious.

Jane Sowerby introduces the entrepreneurs—the women who first put knitting into print—and shows how lace knitting evolved from the 1830s to the 1900s. She dedicates the book to "the pioneering Victorian women who wrote the first knitting books and to the even more adventurous women who knit from them."

Victorian Lace Today builds on this rich history and shows how to knit lace today's way—with clear instructions, in the yarns and colors you love.

You'll find the resources you need to make the projects:
• A primer on understanding lace and reading charts
• How to finish the center panel of a shawl or scarf with a knit-on border
• How to block differently shaped pieces

And features that help with planning and designing your own pieces:
• Additional border patterns: 8 that are not used in Jane's designs
• How to change borders or make your own wide border
• How to plan a shawl with a knit-on border

The book ends with a little tour: Jane Sowerby's Victorian Adventure. We photographed near Jane's home in England, including one amazing day at Belton House, also used in the BBC production of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. Here we share a little more of the local flavor. 

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Victorian Lace Today
Price: $29.95