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Cecelia Campochiaro
Cecelia Campochiaro appeared on the knitting scene in 2015 with her debut book, Sequence Knitting. She lives in Silicon Valley, where for many years she developed specialized microscopes used in computer chip manufacturing. Textiles, photography, and the arts have been a lifelong passion running in parallel with her technical life. In high school and college even though her main studies were in the sciences, she studied drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and photography. Knitting was a causal pastime until she had an ah-ha moment in 2010, and realized that textured fabrics could be created by the simple repetition of a sequence of stitches. This idea evolved into sequence knitting, which is a mindful approach to knitting that leads to textured reversible fabrics. Today she is fully dedicated to the fiber world and "unventing" new ways to make amazing knit fabrics.

STITCHES West 2020 Classes
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Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm     SOLD OUT
6206 Easy Introduction to Sequence Knitting Sequence Knitting is just like it sounds: Knit a sequence of stitches repeatedly using some kind of rule and a textured fabric happens.

Learn about the amazing and fun world of Sequence Knitting from the author of the groundbreaking book. Discover the power and appeal of this new way of looking at what, at its simplest, uses 1-row patterns and easily memorized and infinitely variable sequences, to create beautiful and reversible textured fabrics.

This hands-on class will feed your creative juices and stimulate you to think about new ways to use your stash to make beautiful accessories. You will learn about the concept, when Sequence Knitting makes sense, and how to do the four sequence knitting methods.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1154 Easy Sequence Knitting: 1-row Patterns Learn about the easiest kind of sequence knitting: the wonderful world of 1-row patterns. The fabrics are reversible, don't curl, and are a wonderful way to use almost any kind of yarn including solid, tweeds, and handpaints.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1558 Intermediate Exploring Marls and Colorwork: A Hands-on Workshop Learn how to design and make beautiful and complex marled fabrics with fine yarns. Cecelia will discuss choosing yarn and colors for successful pieces as you swatch for both color and hand. Building on the basic concepts, you will learn how to determine the right gauge for a marl fabric, how to work with many colors, and how to create pleasing marl sequences.

From basic concepts through marl-making logistics to successful projects, Cecelia will give you yet another way to enjoy knitting with fine yarns!
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1557 Intermediate Sequence Knitting: Making Triangular Shawls Sequence knitting is a great way to make richly textured fabrics. Let Cecelia show you how to incorporate these textured fabrics into beautiful triangular shawls.

You will begin with the concept of sequence knitting, learning how to read and work sequence knitting instructions, and how textured patterns develop. As the texture can be quite complex, strategies for catching mistakes quickly will also be discussed.

Textured shawls created with sequence knitting are a wonderful way to use your stash and create beautiful heirlooms.