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Leslye Solomon
Having taught at STITCHES events for more than 20 years and at a variety of knitting seminars from England to Alaska, Leslye Solomon is an enthusiastic, energetic, and empathetic teacher with extensive knitwear training.

Leslye owns Woolstock Yarn Shop in Glyndon, Maryland. She shares her experience and knowledge in instructional videos, DVDs and books. Subjects covered include sweater finishing, making socks using double points and a single circular needle, techniques in buttonholes and bands, a wonderful method of continental knitting, bead knitting, and machine knitting, including a book entitled The Uncomplicated Knitting Machine. Leslye has also created KnitSpeaker, an iPhone, iPad, iPod timed-audio pattern-repeating app for knitters.

A class with Leslye is an experience that will arm students with valuable knowledge. Their only concern is whether they will remember it all!

For more about Lesyle, go to woolstock.com.

STITCHES South 2016 Market Session Classes
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Friday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
FF7 No skills required What Every Knitter Should Know About Blocking Imagine all of your garments fitting perfectly, looking extremely well-made, and staying that way. In this class, learn when and why 'before-you-knit and after-you-knit blocking' is so important for every knit project. See dramatic differences between blocked and unblocked hand-knit fabrics and learn how you should approach all your knit projects. Prevent unexpected results related to gauge, shrinking, stretching, and dimensions. See the tools available to help shape your garments to give the best finished appearance. If you think blocking is just pinning in place and wetting when you’re finished knitting, this class promises to elevate your skill level.