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Rick Mondragon
Rick Mondragon, Knitter's Magazine editor 2000-2017, has been knitting and sewing for over 45 years. His passion for color is obvious in his work, but underlying all his designs are technique, fit, and construction. He has been teaching for 30 years, offering ideas and insight for perfecting skills with needles, hooks, yarn, fiber, fabric, and thread. Rick loves the challenge of garment design and deconstructing and translating a pattern into words. With STITCHES uniting, he now has time and reason to explore deep into the fiber arts.

STITCHES United 2019 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
9052 No skills required Quilt-as-you-go Sampler Here is a chance to sample quilting and piecing-AT THE SAME TIME-with the quilt-as-you-go approach. This sew-and-flip process is quick, neat, and fun.

Choose log cabin, square within a square, string piecing, or create your own design with Rick's clever insertion ideas. Your sample can easily become a cushion cover, a placemat, a wall hanging, or the beginning of a new quilt adventure. Rick will show an easy binding method and discuss ways to assemble the blocks into a larger piece as well.

Note: Sewing machines provided for use in the classroom. Batting and neutral thread provided for 18x24" sampler.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1132 Easy Modern Grannies: Granny Squares with a Twist Granny squares are the building blocks of crochet. Often taken for granted, they really are little gems waiting to be polished and assembled into a masterpiece. With a little skill and a few refinements, you can make it happen.

These grannies are special! They are self-contained modules ready to grow, multiply, or morph to your needs and desires. Because they are quick-to-make and portable, you can capture found moments to make sweet little blocks that will patiently wait to become more!

Rick redefines-and refines-the granny square through scale and process. Rather than using scrap yarns, specially chosen yarns in a finer weight bring them front and center. He will share assembly ideas and fill-in block options as well.

BTW, he is a lefty, so this is the perfect class for southpaw as well as right-handed crocheters.

Note: Need to know crochet basics.