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Tracy Purtscher
Tracy Purtscher is the author of Dimensional Tuck Knitting An Innovative Technique For Creating Surface Design. She has been a finalist in The Fiber Factor knitwear competition sponsored by Skacel and the winner of Vogue Knitting design competition; her designs have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Simply Knitting, knit.purl, and Noro Knitting. Tracy honed her teaching skills in her past life experience as a Jr. High Math and Science teacher.

STITCHES Midwest 2019 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1014 Easy Macro Yubinuki Yubinuki are Japanese thimbles with a centuries old history and rich tradition. Akin in concept to Tamari Balls, it is the cross layering of colorful threads that creates the beautiful geometric designs and traditionally worked in fine silk threads,

Students will learn Yubinuki history while combining this ancient technique with modern materials, in a much larger scale, to create their own thimble, ring, or bangle bracelet

Note: Basic knowledge of buttonhole stitch or blanket stitch is helpful.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
5390 Intermediate Dimensional Tuck Knitting: The Basics and Beyond Transform simple flat stockinette into a fabric with depth -- bend it, fold it, or double it back on itself with Dimensional Tuck Knitting.

Learn the basic stitches, how to read the charts, and how to visualize the stitch pattern within the charts. Next, explore background stitch choices and what impact the scale of the stitches will have on Dimensional Tuck stitches.

Finally, you will learn the tips and tricks for measuring gauge and working Dimensional Tuck in the round.