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XRX Books Corrections
Do you have a question about a Knitter's book pattern? Look for your book below to see a list of any known corrections. All corrections are in PDF format.  
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Knitter's Index

Knitter's Magazine - Call for Desgins

Knitting Knockers from K123
Read all about Knitted Knockers at STITCHES West 2016 (from the pages of Knitter's Magazine - K123 - Summer 2016 issue).

Lace Live Shawl
Lace Live Shawl
from Victorian Lace Today

Lace Socks
Cute lacey socks for you
from K72 Fall 2003 Twists & Turns

Magnificent Mittens
There are no known corrections to this book.

Magnificent Mittens and Socks

Midwest map