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XRX Books Corrections
Do you have a question about a Knitter's book pattern? Look for your book below to see a list of any known corrections. All corrections are in PDF format.  
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Penny Candy Coaster
Penny Candy Coaster
from Knitter's K88 All Is Fine

Ponchos & Wraps: A Knitter's Dozen

Rainbow Bag from Knit in New Directions
This FREE download of the "Radiant Rainbow Bag" is from the pages of Myra Woods book KNIT IN NEW DIRECTIONS. This pattern will begin your journey into creativity. To find out more about this book go to KnittingUniverse.com/NewDirections

Red Zebra

Sally Melville Styles

Scarves: A Knitter's Dozen

Sculptured Knits

Simple Intarsia
Simple Intarsia
from Swing Swagger Drape